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  • Many Patients With Irritable Bowel Syndrome Have Atypical Food Allergies Not Associated With Immunoglobulin E. [Journal Article]
    Gastroenterology. 2019 07; 157(1):109-118.e5.Fritscher-Ravens A, Pflaum T, … Schuppan D
  • CONCLUSIONS: In a CLE analysis of patients with IBS, we found that more than 50% of patients could have nonclassical food allergy, with immediate disruption of the intestinal barrier upon exposure to food antigens. Duodenal tissues from patients with responses to food components during CLE had immediate increases in expression of claudin-2 and decreases in occludin. CLE+ patients also had increased eosinophil degranulation, indicating an atypical food allergy characterized by eosinophil activation.
  • Advances in n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid nutrition. [Review]
    Asia Pac J Clin Nutr. 2019; 28(1):1-5.Li D, Wahlqvist ML, Sinclair AJ
  • There is conclusive evidence to demonstrate the role of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (n-3 PUFA) in human development and growth, vision, and cell membrane fluidity (membrane order). N-3 PUFA also contribute to human health maintenance through correction of arrhythmias, inhibition of platelet aggregation and prolongation of clotting time, lowering blood pressure, lowering serum triglyceride…
  • [Muscular polyarteritis nodosa-a case-based review]. [Case Reports]
    Z Rheumatol. 2019 Mar; 78(2):173-179.Krusche M, Ruffer N, … Kötter I
  • CONCLUSIONS: With respect to own experiences and the reviewed literature, muscular PAN should be considered as a possible diagnosis in cases of myalgia with elevated inflammatory markers but normal CK levels and a lack of further symptoms typical for vasculitis.
  • From Deterministic to Generative: Multimodal Stochastic RNNs for Video Captioning. [Journal Article]
    IEEE Trans Neural Netw Learn Syst. 2019 Oct; 30(10):3047-3058.Song J, Guo Y, … Shen HT
  • Video captioning, in essential, is a complex natural process, which is affected by various uncertainties stemming from video content, subjective judgment, and so on. In this paper, we build on the recent progress in using encoder-decoder framework for video captioning and address what we find to be a critical deficiency of the existing methods that most of the decoders propagate deterministic hid…
  • Antidepressants for chronic non-cancer pain in children and adolescents. [Review]
    Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2017 08 05; 8:CD012535.Cooper TE, Heathcote LC, … Wiffen PJ
  • CONCLUSIONS: We identified only a small number of studies with small numbers of participants and insufficient data for analysis.As we could undertake no meta-analysis, we are unable to comment about efficacy or harm from the use of antidepressants to treat chronic non-cancer pain in children and adolescents. Similarly, we cannot comment on our remaining secondary outcomes: Carer Global Impression of Change; requirement for rescue analgesia; sleep duration and quality; acceptability of treatment; physical functioning; and quality of life.There is evidence from adult randomised controlled trials that some antidepressants, such as amitriptyline, can provide some pain relief in certain chronic non-cancer pain conditions.There is no evidence from randomised controlled trials to support or refute the use of antidepressants to treat chronic non-cancer pain in children or adolescents.
  • The fetuses-at-risk approach: survival analysis from a fetal perspective. [Review]
    Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand. 2018 Apr; 97(4):454-465.Joseph KS, Kramer MS
  • Several phenomena in contemporary perinatology create challenges for analyzing pregnancy outcomes. These include recent increases in iatrogenic delivery at late preterm and early term gestation, which are incongruent with the belief that stillbirth and neonatal death risks decrease exponentially with advancing gestational age. Perinatal epidemiologists have also puzzled over the paradox of inters…
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